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Minnemingo Review

The Future                         by Anthony Francesco


The Large Hadron Collider

in Geneva Switzerland

is designed to crack open the Easter eggs

of atoms to find their component parts.

              "Well, theres no god in here," scoffs the scientist

and scrawls another tick mark on the list.


So after "they" did away with the stained glass faces

and far fetched explanations for foreign sensations

the seeking Don Quixotes adjust microscopes

and fine toothed combs,

look to neurons and isotopes

to determine why we die alone.


Nomenclature laden annotations for

each neurosis and vagrance,

classifications and personality tests

on a pamphlet inside a "Woe-B-Gone"

do-it-yourself kit, that rattles to the cadence of

rainbow pills.


Treadmill, rabbit, Fishing Pole, Carrot.