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Minnemingo Review

Noose                                                                Tyler Craig Henry


up with


chain the


hangs by

a twisted

cord, a



for ten



Carbon is the second

       most plentiful element found

    in the human body, after oxygen.

   Its abundance makes this element the

   chemical basis of all known life. When

        treated to heat and pressure found beneath

           the earth’s surface, carbon atoms bond

            into a tetrahedral lattice arrangement.

                This is brought to the surface by         A mutual

              volcanic eruptions and is then mined. misunderstanding.

            We call these arrangements diamonds,  He assumed I was

                   and are some of the most      happiest unknowing

                    valuable minerals      of his affair, and worse

                      on earth.    I assumed I could live

      in the darkness, the coarse rope

of apathy around my neck.

       What a surprise

       to find                              we both

               were                                        wrong.