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Minnemingo Review

Why Wonder                                                    Anthony Francesco

Don't drown in profundity,
bask in the glow of some great meaning
or forget what your doing
(or trying so tenderly)
is to grasp is a horse feather
caught in invisible tides.
How could you ask me to wrangle
the knots and the tangles that
flow from one ear to the other?

Let the listlessly unfolding lilac
lie behind the glass case of night.

Why wonder
whether by wind or by hand
the great manifest tugs at the center?
So toss sticks
fling stones
at the swelling unknown
and I'll try to make sense of the impulse.

         We will never
          the shivers and trembles
          that, faceless, run threads through our insides.
         We can never quite capture
          the subtle
          stark raptures
          that give birth to every warm shudder.