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Minnemingo Review

 Flight                                                                 Tyler Craig Henry

    You don’t remember when you started running or why or who it is that is chasing you but you can’t look back because there isn’t time to know and thinking
about it too much gives you a headache and headaches make it hard to run so you try not to think about it.
    Sometimes, though, you wonder while cutting through teeming crowds if your pursuer looks anything like the people you push aside, picking out features from each your pursuer might have; a nose here, a mouth there, and interesting eyes like those, but none of them really seem to fit.
      You hear the steady drumming of two pairs of feet hitting the concrete or grass or leaves or asphalt or stone and you don’t hear the footsteps getting any closer but neither are they falling away they just beat in time with your own footfalls.
You’re too stubborn to stop and you’ve been so far already why not just keep running and running and running. Sooner or later the one behind you will give up first because you can run for eternity all over the globe till you run out of places to run which you never will until you run off a cliff. This one. Here. Now.
        And your feet keep moving but there’s nothing they can do anymore they can’t stop you from falling they just pinwheel uselessly as you fall because you’ve run straight off and out of world and now all that’s left is to fall and below you can’t see anything but blackness and stars with painful light burning your eyes like flames so you turn back and look up to see what your pursuer looks like and you think they’re probably standing at the top of the cliff looking down but instead you see that your pursuer is not at the top of the cliff rejoicing in your plunge but falling with you, just a little behind like they’ve always been, and they’re looking straight at you and their eyes are so sad and so beautiful that they hurt more than the stars but you can’t look away and it brings tears to your eyes because you can’t believe that you wasted all that time running away and now you’re falling but it doesn’t really matter because now you’ve seen the face of your pursuer and you know that it doesn’t matter if you’re going to fall forever as long as you are together so you spread your arms and say the words that you swore you would never say.
      “Catch me.”