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Minnemingo Review

Silence                                                                                                     Brittany Van Heynigan

Emptiness. A vault of darkness, devoid of significance or meaning. Yet all consuming.

In this silence, a thought formed. A thought that grew into being-rolling off the speaker’s tongue, thrown out of their mouth, and shattering the eternal silence in an explosion of light.

This power, so pure and unbridled, grew. Each new thought flowing from
the previous one, coming into being as sound hit the air. Gushing,
pushing, flying, running-falling syllable by syllable off perfect lips. The
silent air listened to the sudden reverberations as space stretched and time began, set into motion by a tongue of purest intent.

“T” swished and grew, rooting itself firmly into place. “W” blew into an everlasting breath. “F” wiggled and flipped as it dove down deep. “L” roared-a king. “M” chattered and climbed. “H” galloped away. And “b” soared, calling high above the others.

A pause.


Only one thing was unspoken. One thing made in silence, formed with hands. In this silence, a power was given-a breath. A wordless breath given to that first unspoken creation. A breath of power. A breath of
knowledge. A breath of words.