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Minnemingo Review

Review Sessions


Any student from any major and any year is welcome (nay, encouraged!) to become part of the review staff. The review staff is responsible for deciding the contents of the Minnemingo through a careful evaluation and voting process. Everyone who participates has the opportunity to give anonymous feedback to authors as well as impact what, for a semester, the Minnemingo will become. Members of the review staff appear in the issue of the Minnemingo to which they contribute and receive a free copy at the Release Party at the end of the semester.


Submissions can be found in the English Lounge on Boyer 2nd, starting on (TBA). Below you can find the times, dates and places for this semester's review sessions, as well as general guidelines for how to go about reviewing the submissions.





This Semester's Sessions: October 26, 27, 28


Session 1 - Prose:
Friday, October 26

Time: 6-10 p.m.

Place: Boyer 102


Session 2 - Poetry:
Saturday October 27

Time: 2-5:30 p.m.

Place: Boyer 102


Session 3 - Poetry/Photography:

Saturday, October 27

Time: 5:30-6 p.m.

Place: Boyer 102


For All Reviewers

Here are a few things to keep in mind if you are unsure about how to evaluate a piece of writing:


For poetry:

If it is a formal poem, is the rhyme/meter consistent and natural, or has the language been bent and bruised in order to make it fit the form? If it is an open verse poem, is the language original/fresh/active? Has the poet been intentional about how he or she ended each line, or does the poem read like a paragraph that has just been broken up? What imagery or language surprised/pleased/displeased you? What are the sounds of the poetry when read aloud? Is the poetry appropriate for a venue like the Minnemingo Review?


For prose:

Is the story or idea original? Is the language clean/fresh/active? Does the piece do what it set out to do? (that is, if it obviously wants to be funny, did it actually amuse you? or if it obviously wants to be insightful, did it tell you something you didn't know or say something you did know in a new way?) Is the narrative voice/speaker unique, or is there nothing to differentiate it/him/her from that of any other piece? If there is dialog, is it consistent with the characters' voices? Does the work appear polished and crafted, or does it read like a confusing jumble?


For Any Piece:

Try to be objective when you evaluate and vote on the submissions. Authors are encouraged not to vote on their own piece(s), and friends of authors should vote on those pieces only if they feel they can evaluate them objectively. Keep in mind that many authors also double as Review Staff members. When you give your evaluation, be honest but don't be cruel; the goal is constructive criticism, not insulting people.



Guidelines for Reviewing Outside the Review Sessions:

  • Go to the English Lounge on Boyer 2nd (the lounge at the end of the hallway which faces toward Lottie). The binders containing submissions, as well as the comment sheets, are clearly marked "Minnemingo Review Submissions."


  • Take a comment sheet and label it prose, poetry, or artwork.


  • Read through the submissions in the binders (labeled "Minnemingo Prose", "Minnemingo Poetry", and "Photos") and for each submission you read, write down the submission number and a couple of comments about the piece. Get through as many submissions as you can, but if you don't have time to read all of them, that's fine!


  • If you feel uncomfortable or unqualified to evaluate other people's writing, don't! Nobody expects you to say anything profound; you just need to jot down your impression of the piece - its strengths or weaknesses - and whether you think it should go into the Minnemingo.


  • Based on your comments and impressions of the piece, vote on each piece by the following evaluative scale:



1 = Definitely should be included in the Minnemingo
2 = Maybe should be included in the Minnemingo
3 = Definitely should not be included in the Minnemingo

  • Comment sheet(s) will be collected at a TBA location.



What happens at a review session?

Each piece that has been submitted is read and breifly discussed. Based on the comments expressed in the review sessions and on the comments sheets, a vote is taken on each piece. The evaluative scale is, again, as follows:

1 = Definitely should be included in the Minnemingo
2 = Maybe should be included in the Minnemingo
3 = Definitely should not be included in the Minnemingo


Editors will e-mail a synthesis of the comments generated throughout the review process to the authors, along with whether or not a piece will be included in the next edition of the Minnemingo.