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Office of Marketing and Public Relations


The Messiah College Academic Profiles (MCAPs) is a database of information on each one of our academic majors and departments at Messiah. Each MCAP is used in a variety of important ways, including by admissions counselors to dialogue with prospective students who want information about a particular major; to construct marketing messages both print (especially major brochures for the Office of Admissions) and Web pages for each major; and to provide background information to campus communicators for various feature articles, ads, marketing promotion materials, news releases etc. MCAPs are only acessible by internal campus users.


How to create a strong MCAP

  • Make sure all topical headers contain content.

  • Be succinct, providing bulleted content as much as possible.

  • Avoid the use of URLs/links so that MCAP users do not have to navigate away from the MCAP page to get additional information. 

  • Provide a brief “overview” that is an at-a-glance summary of several key competitive attributes of the program. (If we could only tell a prospective student 3-5 things about a program that would make them want to come to Messiah instead of some other school, what would those things be?)

  • Provide specific examples of alumni careers and scholarship/research, study abroad, internship/practicum opportunities.

  • Provide information about individual faculty members' interests and scholarship etc. but limit it to a bullet point list of key items rather than a full listing of all academic achievements and scholarship interests and awards.

  • Include the percentage of faculty with terminal degrees if known.

  • Make sure the facilities list is comprehensive and as detailed/specific as possible. This helps prospective students develop early perceptions about how modern/state-of-the-art the College and the program is.


Annual review instructions

  • Correct any inaccurate information.
  • Indicate any content that needs to be deleted.
  • Add any new information
  • After you have marked any changes using the sticky note tool on your editable PDF, please save and return to Susan Donat in the Provost's Office.



  • Why can't my department's Webpage be used for the same purposes?

The goal of MCAPs is to provide an accurate, one-stop source of highlights for all academic majors. To facilitate these goals, all MCAPs contain identical topical categories presented in the same order with bullet pointed content.While many department websites contain current and regularly updated content, others do not. Additionally, the information on the various departmental websites is not organized or formatted in a consistent pattern across departments, making it challenging to find specific information at-a-glance. This is especially critical for admissions counselors who need to quickly find specific information a perspective student wants to know about a particular major—or as is often the case—numerous majors that a student is considering.

  • Do department chairs have to complete MCAPs for all of the majors in their department themselves?

No, department chairs may delegate the MCAP review for specific majors to other colleagues who would also be qualified to review/submit strengths, distinctives and outcomes for that program.

  • Where can I access MCAPs?

The easiest way to access MCAPs is by going to From there, you'll be asked to enter your Messiah log-in information to acess the pages. You can also acess MCAPs through the Employee Quick Links in MCSquare.

  • How is MCAPs updated?

Existing MCAPs information is updated once each year during an annual review period coordinated by the office of marketing and communications in partnership with the admissions and provost’s offices. In March, an editable PDF of each MCAP will be emailed to respective department chairs who will have through a designated date in May to submit revisions, updates and other content enhancements.

  • Who can I contact if I have questions?

If you have any questions or concerns regarding MCAPs, please contact Erin Bray, marketing communications writer at or ext. 5381.