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Department Checklist


Beginning July 2, 2012 all college mail will be processed through the Mechanicsburg Post Office. Because of this change in service, our new address will be: 


Name and/or Department

Messiah College

One College Avenue Suite XXXX

(XXXX = The box number currently used.)

Mechanicsburg, PA 17055



This checklist was developed to help departments and employees prepare during the months leading up to the address change. Visit for more information. Email questions to

       March 1

Designate someone to meet with representatives from College Press between 10 a.m. and 12 p.m. in Boyer 110 about ordering letterhead and envelopes.

Order letterhead and envelopes (see for details.)

       April 2-20

Designate someone to work with College Press on ordering business cards (see for details.)

       Beginning in April

As you email and interact with vendors, you may wish to remind them that the College’s mailing address is changing. (The Procurement Office will be alerting all vendors via an official mailing, but personal contact would be a good second push.)

Contact subscription services of any magazines or periodicals your department subscribes to. (This can happen prior to the July 2, 2012 date)

Contact any outside organizations to which you or your department may belong as members.

       June 25

Comb your department/office website and social networking sites for instances in which the mailing address is incorrect and make the edit. Don’t forget to look at PDFs as well. The Offices of Marketing and Public Relations will only be correcting the address as it appears in the footers at the bottom of College web pages.


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