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Employee Checklist


Beginning July 2, 2012 all college mail will be processed through the Mechanicsburg Post Office. Because of this change in service, our new address will be: 


Name and/or Department

Messiah College

One College Avenue Suite XXXX

(XXXX = The box number currently used.)

Mechanicsburg, PA 17055


This checklist was developed to help employees prepare during the months leading up to the address change. Visit for more information about the mailing address change. Email questions to


       Beginning in April

The Purchasing Office will be contacting all vendors. However, if you have sales representatives or service providers that you wish to inform personally, begin doing so.

 If you receive magazine/journal subscriptions at Messiah, please contact the publisher to change your address. (This can happen prior to the July 2 date.)


       April 2-20

Order business cards

       Beginning May 1

If you or your department hold a membership with a supporting organization or institution, be certain that you inform them of the address change.

       Beginning June 15

Make sure you change your address in any online databases (i.e. Amazon, ebay) where you currently use your Messiah College address

       June 25

If your email signature includes Messiah College’s address, please change it to reflect the new address.

Please ensure that your personal web site, personal Facebook page, business cards and personal stationary reflect the new mailing address.





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