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Ordering business cards
with the new Mechanicsburg address


Due to the pending Messiah College mailing address change from Grantham, PA to Mechanicsburg, PA, College Press would like to provide the following information for replacing business cards. Information will be forthcoming regarding additional printing needs such as letterhead and envelopes.


Employees who utilize business cards should begin using business cards with the new Mechanicsburg address beginning Monday, June 18, 2012. (College Press will provide an opportunity in July for recycling unused business cards with the Grantham address.)


Timeline for ordering new business cards

Orders for new business cards with the Mechanicsburg address will be accepted beginning Monday, April 2, 2012. A special discounted, one-time, bulk rate for business cards will be offered at that time. Employees should order an estimated supply of business cards to last throughout fiscal year 2013. It is recommended that each department identify one person who is able and willing to coordinate all business card needs on behalf of the department. The one-time, bulk rate will be available for all orders received between April 2, 2012 and April 20, 2012. April 20 will be the last day orders are accepted for the bulk rate. Orders will then be processed with finished business cards being delivered throughout the week of June 11.


Billing for new business cards

Business card orders received during the bulk-rate period will be billed to individual departments using that department’s organization number, the printing account number (6313) and a temporary activity code which has been set up for printing charges related to the address change.The activity code will be CHANGE. (Example: 3075-6313-CHANGE) Pricing on business card orders taken from April 2 until April 20 will be as follows:


100 = $17.00          250 = $20.00           500 = $23.00          750 = $26.00         1000 = $29.00


Normal pricing will apply for all orders received or required outside of the above outlined time frame.


How to order new business cards

A form for ordering business cards with the new Mechanicsburg mailing address will be available on MC Square on Friday, March 30. The order form will allow for multiple orders being billed to the same organization number to be placed using just one form. The form can be saved as a PDF and emailed to College Press or printed out and submitted via Campus Mail.


Reminder: Information regarding the need to reprint letterhead, envelopes, and other printed materials will be coming out in the near future. Any further questions can be directed through email to or by calling ext. 6030.



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