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  Concert Choir:

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Messiah College Concert ChoirMessiah College Concert Choir
Audition Information

Rehearsal Schedule

Tuesdays and Thursdays - 4:10-5:30 pm
December 2 - Christmas Concert dress rehearsal
April 15 - recording all day


The Messiah College Concert Choir is a choral ensemble dedicated to performing classic choral repertoire of all historical periods. Membership is for the entire school year and is open to all students through auditions each fall. Rehearsals will focus on establishing healthy group vocal techniques, an appreciation for the choral art and literature, and development of musical skills required for rehearsing and performing selected repertoire. Membership will provide the opportunity for students to rehearse and perform with other highly motivated and talented singers at a high artistic level. Soli Deo Gloria!

  1. Acceptance and commitment: Your audition and acceptance into the choir a) reflect a desire on your part to participate in the activities and performances of the choir; and b) imply a commitment on your part to sing the full schedule of concerts and rehearsals dictated by the schedule of the season. All concerts: mandatory.
    Excused absences will be granted only for severe illness or family emergency (with Dean's excuse). This includes the annual retreat, extra rehearsals, tour and all concerts on and off campus.
    Be sure to put all dates in your calendars as soon as you receive them. (upper-class students-this is spring for the coming year, and confirmed in the fall!)
    Section rehearsals will be held every week or every other week or as deemed necessary by the section leaders and by the conductor.
    1. Be on time. Allow for weather, issuing of music, locating your place on the seating chart. If you know you must arrive late or miss a rehearsal, you must complete an ABSENCE REQUEST SLIP for each rehearsal conflict, well in advance, and submit to the conductor. Following your absence, you must call the section leader for music rehearsed, announcements, schedule changes and assignments. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE TO COME TO THE NEXT REHEARSAL AS PREPARED AS IF YOU HAD NOT BEEN ABSENT.
    2. Bring to rehearsal a positive attitude, a pencil in your hand!, your music, and a water bottle.
    3. BE PREPARED. At each rehearsal, assignments will be given for the next rehearsal. Take the responsibility and the time to do your own practice outside of rehearsal.
    4. ITS (Individual Testing Session). These sessions will be scheduled throughout the season to check individual progress. You will be checked on your preparation of assignments, any rehearsals missed and/or general preparation of music. If unprepared, you will be asked to not sing the upcoming concert. If during the season excessive absences or problems with promptness are noted, you will be asked to take a leave of absence for the remainder of the season. You may re-audition for the next season.
    5. No one will be excused from the Dress Rehearsals
  3. MUSIC will be distributed by the librarian, and is the property of the college or other organizations. Markings are to be in pencil only
    Ladies: Designated gown, dress black shoes, black stockings
    Men: Designated black tuxedo, wing-tip shirt, bow tie, cumberbund, dress black socks and dress shoes.
    Concert Choir is graded on a Pass/Fail system. Grades are based on
    -preparation/knowledge of the repertoire
    -punctuality and attendance at all rehearsals and performances
    -absence from a dress rehearsal or performance will result in an automatic failing grade



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