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Gifts Given to President Phipps

The Inauguration Committee asked various representative groups of the Messiah College community to present Kim S. Phipps with a gift to commemorate her presidential inauguration. President Phipps’ love of reading and books inspired the committee to request that each group choose a book as its gift. Listed below are the books that were presented to the president during the ceremony.

A Hidden WholenessA Hidden Wholeness
by Dr. Parker J. Palmer
From: Student Government Association

A Hidden Wholeness , authored by Dr. Parker J. Palmer, recipient of eight honorary doctorates and several national awards, discusses the journey towards an undivided life. With the pace of our everyday lives rapidly increasing, Dr. Palmer, friend of President Phipps, describes a form of community able to fit within the limits of our active lives. He goes on to explain how relationships of various environments can spur one another on towards living an undivided life. The Student Government Association, or SGA, choose to present this book to President Phipps where as the themes described by Palmer complement well our world's ever increasing need to be, "Created and Called for Community."

Life @ WorkLife @ Work: Marketplace Success for People of Faith
by John C. Maxwell
From: Messiah College Staff Council

The staff of Messiah College chose Life @ Work as our gift to the President because it represents the importance of fulfilling our spiritual lives in the workplace. This book reinforces the basic tools that the leadership of the college has impressed upon us; calling, service, character and skill. It also reminds us that we should allow our Christianity to carry over into the workplace. John C. Maxwell, one of America 's Leadership experts, describes what being a Christian on the job should look like. As other places of employment may make coming to work feel like a chore, we are fortunate to know that God designed our work to be a fulfilling aspect of our lives. It answers many questions such as: Why does my work matter? How can I know God's calling on my life? How much success does God want me to achieve? And, what practical difference should my Christianity make in my career decisions? Finally, Life @ Work is an excellent resource incorporating biblical examples and equipping people of faith to make a difference in their everyday lives. Please accept this gift as a token of our appreciation to you for accepting this important role at Messiah College.

The Road to PeaceThe Road to Peace
by Henri Nouwen
From: Messiah College Parents Council

The Road to Peace , a collection of writings by Henri Nouwen (edited by John Dear) presented to President Phipps by the Messiah College Parents Council on the occasion of her inauguration as the 8 th president of the College:

The Parents Council chose this particular book, because we believe it contains important messages that can help to shape the lives of our sons and daughters as they engage in this important next phase of spiritual, emotional and intellectual growth at Messiah College . "The Road to Peace is an inspiration, and a challenge to live our Christian lives with both love and action." Nouwen also has an important message for those called to leadership, "I leave you with the image of a leader with outstretched hands, who chose a life of downward mobility. It is an image of the praying leader, the vulnerable leader, and the trusting leader. May that image fill your hearts with hope, courage, and confidence as you anticipate the next century.

Reflections on a Heritage and Focusing our Faith
From: The Brethren in Christ Church

The Brethren in Christ Church and Messiah College share a common heritage and understanding of the Christian faith.

Over the years, spokespersons and writers - many of them teachers at Messiah - have described the Brethren in Christ life and thought in ways which have become "classic" statements of identity for both church and college. These essays have been gathered into a book, Reflections on a heritage .

No matter how good, these formative values must be restated in every generation through timely words, phrases, images and symbols which accurately depict who we are as a community of believers. This need prompted a second work, Focusing our Faith .

These two books, bound together for Dr. Phipps at her inauguration as President of Messiah College, can equip both church and college with a clear sense of identity and purpose as we strive to live out these shared convictions with courage and excellence.

Purple CowPurple Cow
by Seth Godin
From: Messiah College Administrative Council

On behalf of the Administrative Council, we would like to present you with a copy of the book, Purple Cow, written by Seth Godin. The author's charge is to create a remarkable organization and service that is exceptional and worth noticing in the crowd. After all, a purple cow does stand out in a field of brown cows. Recognizing the synchronicity of rapid change and innovative ideas, Godin weaves together examples of organizations that have developed from outstanding to remarkable. The Administrative Council desires that this book will continue to enrich and expand your vision for the future of Messiah College as a remarkable institution of higher education.

C.S. Lewis Signature CollectionThe Complete C.S. Lewis Signature Classics
From: The Messiah College Community of Educators

The Community of Educators at Messiah College presents President Kim S. Phipps with a copy of The Complete C.S. Lewis Signature Classics . Lewis' literary scholarship places him among the most respected academics of his generation. He is also renowned as a Christian apologist and author of science fiction and children's literature. Lewis' faith and engagement of popular culture displeased some academic colleagues, and may have cost him a professorship at Oxford . He was courageous, but hospitable. Writing and speaking with deep respect for others earned Lewis a place in the hearts and minds of many skeptics. Where he strays from our theological traditions his words remind us to be winsome in disagreement. On this side of the postmodern divide, little more than 40 years since his passing, some see Lewis' relevance diminishing. Time will also sift our work, and so humility is recommended to us along with excellence. Human knowledge passes away, but where courage, hospitality, and humility abound love also may flourish, and love never fails.

Prayer: Finding the Heart's True HomePrayer: Finding the Heart's True Home
by Richard J. Foster
From: Messiah College Alumni Council

President Phipps, as chair of the Messiah College Alumni Council, it is an honor and a privilege to present you with this gift in recognition of your inauguration as Messiah College 's Eighth President. We have chosen a wonderful book by Richard J. Foster entitled "Prayer: Finding the Heart's True Home."

The Alumni of Messiah College are a diverse and widespread group of people. We are involved in many different vocations and many different areas of ministry in our daily lives. The common thread we all share is our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We commit to pray for you as you lead the College and we trust that prayer will be an important source of wisdom and discernment for you in your role as President.

The BibleThe Bible
From: The Board of Trustees

Since it's founding in 1909, Messiah College has based its vision and purpose upon the Holy Bible, specifically the preeminence of Christ. On the occasion of your inauguration, the Trustees have chosen to give you a Bible that represents our continued commitment to God's Word as the foundation of the ministry and mission of Messiah College . May it guide you in all of your decisions. We have full confidence that under your presidency, Christ will remain Pre-Eminent.
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