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Office of the President

Board of Trustees


2013-2014 Trustees


Board of Trustees

2013-2014 Trustees pictured.

Mr. Linden K. Hustedt, chair Mr. Ronald M. Katzman
Mr. George A. Parmer, vice-chair Mr. J. Gary Langmuir
Mr. Todd Lehman, secretary Dr. Emerson L. Lesher
Dr. Craig E. Sider, treasurer Mr. James A. Martin
Mr. Larry Bashore Mr. Stephen W. McBeth
Mrs. Heidi G. Bingaman Mr. Kenneth V. Moreland
Dr. Odvard Egil Dyrli Dr. Barbara G. Moses
Ms. Linda D. Eremita Mr. Rodney L. Musser
Mrs. Carole Forker Gibbons Mrs. Linda R. Pheasant
Mr. Richard L. Godshall Mr. Marlin Riegsecker
Mr. Scott A. Heintzelman Dr. Alan Robinson
Mrs. Rim A. Hinckley Mr. Anthony J. Schiano
Mrs. Sally Hoober Mrs. Kim R. Smith
Dr. Joachim J. Huerter Mrs. Eunice F. Steinbrecher
Dr. Joseph Jones Dr. Jerry L. Wenger
Mr. Richard E. Jordan II Mr. Eric F. Zee


Messiah College Bylaws

In compliance with IRS Form 990 reporting requirements, the Messiah College Bylaws and the Board of Trustees conflict of interest policy are available for public viewing at this link:

Messiah College Bylaws and Trustee Conflict of Interest Policy (Article II, Section 9, pp.4-5)