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Nancy Riegsecker

The passions of Nancy Riegsecker, a member of Board of Trustees, fueled her contributions to Messiah College. She and her husband, Marlin, helped to fund the Gender Studies Project at the College .

Messiah College President Kim S. Phipps expresses her appreciation to Nancy Riegsecker, who brought a wealth of experience and passion to the College's governing body

My husband, Kelly, Lorna Sawatsky, and I recently traveled to Upland, California, to attend the memorial service for Messiah trustee Nancy Reigsecker. For 16 years, Nancy shared her wisdom, insight, and compassion as a member of Messiah’s board. I want to share with you an excerpt from the program of Nancy’s memorial service:

“Words used to describe Nancy by friends and colleagues include truly hospitable, genuine in compassion and attentive care for the needs of others, highly empathic with persons who suffer, courageous, feisty, passionate about justice, willing to risk and press an issue to the point of recognition, and respect for those who differed. … Nancy has served as a trustee on the Messiah College Board of Trustees; the board of Ten Thousand Villages (an international fair-trade organization); on two corporate boards and various non-profit organizations. She has traveled internationally in joint consultation services with her husband, Marlin, as a part of Mennonite Economic Development Association (MEDA). She has addressed issues of social justice, development, financial responsibility in philanthropy, and her particular interest in the role of women in leadership.”

Nancy and Marlin’s commitment to these issues was evidenced at Messiah by their generous gift which helped to fund the Gender Studies Project and the annual Reigsecker Lecture, initiatives designed to support and facilitate an understanding and awareness of the need for healthy relationships in building community.

President Kim S. Phipps

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