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Nevin Climenhaga

Nevin Climenhaga

I was raised in a loving Christian home, and have grown up in a mostly Christian environment for the majority of my life. At first, Christianity was for me something to be accepted, faith something to be assumed. My beliefs were complacent because I never thought to question them. In my middle school years, I began to think more about my faith, to ask questions, to wonder why I believed what I believed. I went through periods of doubt, and faced many hardships on my faith journey -- most notably the death of Jennifer Lussier, a Grade 11 girl in my youth group. This event and others at first hindered the development of my faith, but in the end, I became a much stronger Christian. I was baptized in Grade 10, and since then, my faith has continually been evolving.

In my junior year of high school, my father took a sabbatical from the seminary that he teaches at, and my family spent six months in southern Africa. This experience changed my life and strengthened my convictions. I attended Mennonite World Conference in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe -- the largest gathering of Christians that I have ever witnessed. I spent six weeks in the country of Zimbabwe -- a country crippled by poverty, violence, and political turmoil. And yet, despite all this, the people were more thankful to the Lord for the little that they had, than I had ever been in my entire life for the abundance that God has blessed me with. Throughout the entire trip, God spoke to me and changed me. SInce then, I have been trying my best to serve God however I can. I believe that this is the mission of all Christians -- to glorify God in word and deed. I feel that Messiah College can aid me greately in this goal.

The Lord has blessed me with many gifts, and I want to use these gifts to serve and exalt God in everything that I do. Messiah College is the ideal place for me to develop my gifts further, to refine the talents that I know and to realize those that I have not yet discovered. At Messiah, I want to continue asking questions and to continue to learn more about the world and about God, so as to become a better person and a better Christian. I do not yet know for certain how it is that I will serve God in the future. The Lord has blessed me with a passion for acting, as well as with an excellent singing voice. I believe that both theatre and music can be extremely powerful mediums for the expression of God's word. Through these art forms one can convey messages and communicate ideas in a highly effective manner often not possible otherwise. I hope to use these gifts to serve my God and to spread the Good News of our Lord. However, the Lord has also blessed me with other gifts and other passions, and I am not certain yet which ones to pursue. I continually pray that God will reveal this to me, and I believe that I will gain a clearer understanding of this at Messiah College. I firmly believe that I am being called by God to attend Messiah College, and I hope and pray that he will continue to reveal his wondrous plan to me there. At Messiah College, I will continue to ask questions and to study more about the world and about God, so as to serve the Lord as best I can in all that I do.

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