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Alexandra Steed

Alexandra Steed

My purpose in life is to glorify God by helping as many people as I possibly can to come to know Him. I began to know God on a personal level as I entered sixth grade. Through my Sunday school classes and youth group meetings I was challenged to meet with God regularly and involve him in my day-to-day life. I have also been able to grow in my relationship with him through various leadership roles in my youth group and at different Christian outreach functions. I have been a small group co-leader for junior high school students, a student leader on a junior high bike trip, the boat chaplain on a sailing trip, and a volunteer on a work crew at a Young Life camp. Through these and other leadership and servanthood positions I have learned what it means to completely rely on Christ and what it means to be a servant. I have tried to reconcile Church and society by including elements of my faith in oral presentations in my classes at the local public school. In this way I try to show my peers that my beliefs are an integral part of my life. I have also strived to live a genuine life that is both open and honest so that I might help and not hinder the cause of Christ in the world in which we live.

At Messiah College I hope to grow in my walk with Christ as well as to gain knowledge in various areas, one in particular being the film industry. I want to help produce good quality family-friendly films that will show Hollywood that you don't need blood and gore or sex to be entertained. I also want to learn more about history and political science. God has instilled within me an interest in these areas, and I want to explore them at an in-depth level so that I might bring glory to Him through my knowledge in these areas.

I also plan to be actively involved with a local church and campus service projects. I want to mature in my faith through whatever experiences God brings my way. Above all, I know that wherever God leads me I will follow in order to serve him in a way that brings honor and glory to him while furthering his kingdom.

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