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Strange Messiah

Snow-covered campus

Dennis R. Baker

A pristine snowfall graces the pathway to Climenhaga Fine Arts Center.

By Geoff Twigg

Throughout Israel’s history, there were prophecies foretelling the arrival of an emissary from God. Over the years, these got interpreted and re-interpreted until people were expecting a full-blown Warrior King on a white Stallion who would free the chosen people from (Roman) subjugation and establish a glorious Kingdom.
As you might imagine, a baby born in reduced circumstances didn’t quite fit the billing.

“Strange Messiah”
Close on 400 years God’s voice has been rarely heard;
But His people recall the promises in His Word
When a man of advancing years at the Altar of Incense hears
That his son will announce Messiah to a waiting world.

In the village of Nazareth in Galilee,
The unfolding begins of the greatest of mysteries
As an innocent teenage girl bears the hope of a fallen world,
The fulfillment of love and law throughout his story

Strange Messiah
Not the Warrior King that the people of Israel sought
Strange Messiah
Not Elijah reborn as the Pharisee scribes had taught
Strange Messiah
Not Jerusalem’s king or the greatest of priests,
With no crown and no ring, no magnificent feasts,
But a humble beginning, in a cave where they kept the beasts.
Strange Messiah

In an occupied land oppressed by the powers of Rome,
The creator of all enacts in an earthly home
Every promise and prophecy — but the eyes of the world can’t see,
And this servant is left to die on the tree alone.

Strange Messiah
Not the Warrior King but the healer who calms the storm
Strange Messiah
Not the speaker of words, but the Word in a human form
Strange Messiah
Not in ritual acts, as petitioners pray,
Not in animal blood or in glorious display,
But a quiet salvation, for a world that has turned away.
Strange Messiah

Geoff Twigg is adjunct instructor of music.

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