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Volume 100, Number 2

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Readers of The Bridge offer their own reading recommendations for your enrichment

When we invited readers to enter to win some alumni favorite titles, over 80 entries were received from alumni, current students, parents, friends of the College, and others! Some of them have their own recommendations to offer.

Three Cups of Tea by Greg Mortenson

"It's a wonderful example of what one person can do to be a peacemaker and change the world, or at least a little corner of the world."

— Harriet Bicksler '68

Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert

"An engaging and funny story of a woman who travels to Italy, India, and Indonesia in a quest to find contentment after going through a difficult divorce and horrible break up. I think a lot of women can relate to her desire to find contentment without a man."

The Attack by Yasmina Khadra

"a very well-written story about an Arab-Israeli man whose wife is killed in a suicide bomb attack. He's extremely confused and upset when he learns that his wife was the suicide bomber. It's about him trying to recall the signs that led up to her decision to become a martyr."

— Akirah Wyatt '07

The Pearl by Angela Hunt

"A good book to begin the self-exploration process of the question - to what extreme would one go to re-acquire something that was lost."

— Kelly Bortzfield (parent)

"Any Janet Evanonich book! She writes mystery books that are hilarious, easy reads. Something nice to take to the beach or read before bed."

— Greta Wicks '02

A Still Life with Rice by Helie Lee

"A fabulous story about faith and family in Korea."

— Tina Keller '99

The Dynamic Path by James Citron

"It has been inspirational for me as I've moved into community leadership and have had to develop mental toughness and develop new coping mechanisms in relating my Christian faith with others in the community. If you love sports, it will be easier to follow the principles set forth."

—Douglas Glickert '91

The Strategic Teacher by Harvey Silver, Richard Strong, and Matthew Perini

"As a newer teacher of high school English, I would like to recommend a "teaching" book to all the alumni who are teachers or to current college students in the education major. Published in 2007 by Pearson Education, Inc., the title is "The Strategic Teacher." I studied this book during a graduate course in education this summer. Since my professor was just becoming familiar with it, I am thinking that others may not know of it. What is the best about it is that by rotating through the 20+ strategies described in the book, a teacher is differentiating instruction for his/her students. Differentiating instruction can be a challenge without some good strategies. I plan to utilize a lot of these strategies this coming school year in my 10th grade English class, but the strategies work across the curriculum."

—Carol (McBeth) Shetler '75


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These resources are recommended by readers and do not represent materials endorsed by Messiah College.

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