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Summer 2009
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Meet the winners of our Summer Reading Contest (continued )

David's recommendations:

"A book I read a few years ago, which I think is very good, is The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down, by Anne Fadiman. It is a tragic (and true) story of cultural conflict, which ultimately results in an epileptic child not getting the medical care she needs. But it's also a very well written book with a lot of history and background information I found fascinating.

Another of my favorite books is Donald Knuth's Things a Computer Scientist Rarely Talks About, a collection of lectures in which he discusses a variety of ideas related to Christian faith, the Bible, computer science, art and philosophy - all in a light, humble way, with questions and answers included after each lecture."

David Owen David Owen '97 majored in electrical engineering. He received a free copy of The Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of World Order.

Sylvia Torres '07 majored in sport and exercise science.

She received a free copy of A Fresh-Brewed Life.

Sylvia Torres

Sylvia recommends:

"Bluebeard by Kurt Vonnegut.  This is definitely one of my favorite books.  Vonnegut’s unique style takes you on a wild journey, making you laugh, and always keeping you guessing until the very end.  Definitely worth a read!

The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat by Oliver Sacks.  These clinical tales will shock you, amaze you, and terrify you.  This book provides a fascinating glimpse into the vast and wondrous depths of the human body."


Krista's recommendation:

"My favorite book is The Atonement Child by Francine Rivers because it looks at a very political issue from a different perspective as a Christian woman considers having an abortion after she becomes impregnated as a result of rape."

Krista Greene Krista Greene '03 was a family studies major. She received a free copy of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time.
Laura Charlesworth '89 was a family studies  major. She received a free copy of The Omnivore's Dilemma. Laura Charlesworth


Some Wildflower in my Heart by Jamie Langston Turner    

"I have read four books by Turner and all have been great but the first is the one I remember the most. Turner has done an excellent job at weaving into her novels the reality of the Christian life and especially how we can be a light to others. I have never read any other novels that so appropriately face the realities of life and how our ordinary lives can have a life changing impact upon others. She deals with some tough people and tough topics and weaves them into a wonderful tale. Have your tissues ready to read this one.


Laura recommends:

Spiritual Maturity by J. Oswald Sanders

"I read this book as a young adult and it was a great support to developing my relationship with God.  Sanders' straightforward style of writing was what I really enjoyed.

Captivating by John & Staci Eldredge

I read this book a couple years ago and enjoyed it so much that I bought it for Christmas for all the my female friends. Captivating helps you look at what makes you unique as a woman and encourages you to search for how you past affects who you are today. Staci helps you to see what our unique need is as a female and how we can feel complete today no matter what your past or present circumstances."   

Such a Long Journey by Rohinton Mistry     

This is not a Christian book but is written by a man from India about life there during the time of Indira Gandhi. After a trip to Nepal a couple years ago I have been drawn to that part of the world and this book is a well written novel that gives us insight into what life is really like for individuals in that country. It may also change your opinion of Gandhi along the way." 

Dennis Yeingst is the parent of Abigail Yeingst, a junior elementary education student who serves as vice-president of the Messiah College Education Association and a returning member of the handbell choir.

Dennis received a copy of American Prometheus.

Dennis's recommendation:

"I have enjoyed reading the David Baldacci series of mysteries. I am completing the reading of Amish Grace and will move into winter reading of The Bonus Army and then beginning the The Liberation Trilogy by Rick Atkinson. I have enjoyed his articles in the Washington Post and his book The Long Gray Line. Lincoln by Gore Vidal was a great easy read but I have been wading through Inventing a Nation, Washington, Adams and Jefferson." 

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