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Home sweet dorm

Photo of dorm room

The girls added white curtains to soften the black metal bunkbed.They used the same curtains for the windows.

Sophomore students' classy dorm room featured on


by Carolyn Wheatley '10


“We wanted to make a place for ourselves that felt more like a home than a dorm, explains art major Shauna Myers ’11. “We were hoping for it to have a warm cozy feel but still incorporate color and some fun touches.” She and her cousin, Kelsy Myers ’11, a marketing major and art minor, were determined to transform their dorm room. They posted pictures of their successful sophomore and junior dorm room makeovers on HGTV’s Web site,, and both have been featured on the site.

Kelsy and Shauna were inspired by Shauna’s older sister, Alyssa Myers ’09, a marketing major who posted her dorm room from her junior year on Rate My Space and made it in the top of the most viewed column. “So,” says Kelsy, “over the summer before sophomore year,” “Shauna and I decided to design our dorm room. When we decided it was ready to be photographed during the semester we took Alyssa's suggestion and posted it.”

Dorm room picture--couch and window

“My roommate and I tried to create a cozy spot to relax. We love kicking back on the couch with a cup of tea at night while we go over our homework or watch The Office,” says Kelsy.

As the purpose for the Web site is to share different interior decoration ideas and give credit to the best, theirs have done particularly well, with their sophomore year room at one point reaching the second most viewed out of the 447 dorm rooms. It was even featured by HGTV on their Web site homepage. Kelsy says, “It is a great place to find unique designs and also critique others spaces.” Along with creative design, they aimed to keep the cost as low as possible. One of their pieces—a TV stand—was made from pieces they already had, including two storage cubes and a shoe rack.

The girls have enjoyed not only decorating and photographing their rooms, but also the responses of those who have visited the Web site. “The experience has been wonderful,” says Kelsy, “Shauna and I have received some great feedback. Very nice comments were made and we hope to someday look into a bit of interior design. Currently we are rated 6th out of 447 dorm rooms.”

Check out Kelsy and Shauna’s sophomore and junior year dorm rooms here  and here.

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