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Centennial Homecoming welcomes milestone reunion classes

Messiah College welcomed over 2,200 alumni and guests for Homecoming 2009. One of the highlights of Messiah’s Centennial year for the entire College community, the celebration was especially significant for alumni marking their milestone 25th, 50th, and 60th reunion years.

“In celebrating your time at Messiah College, as well as the things you’ve accomplished since leaving, the 25th and 50th class reunions are especially memorable. The class of ’59 and ’84 came together at their Homecoming class reunions with an unmistakable enthusiasm for reconnecting as well as some wonderful stories to share. We are so grateful for their support of one another and Messiah College.”

—Kristin Zummo ’06, coordinator of Alumni and Parent Relations


Academy Class of 1959

Class of 1959

The Academy and College Classes of 1959 honored their Alma Mater with a reunion gift of $10,333 for scholarship aid and the annual fund. Fourteen of the class of 35 members attended the reunion for a 40 percent turnout rate. Former classmates enjoyed the opportunity to share memories and reconnect.

In attendance were the following individuals: Jon Carlson, Priscilla Minter Hoffman, Virgil Hostetler, Jeanne Miller Hostetler, Doris Stump Huber, Philip Keefer, Kathleen Thuma Kipe, Linda Bert Pierce, Joann Wolgemuth Sider, Lenora Hershey Stern, Janet Hoover Stoner, Kathleen Winger Stuebing, Lois Knepper Wolgemuth, John M. Wolgemuth Jr.

Class of 1949

Class of 1949

Thirteen members from the Class of 1949 attended their 60th year reunion. Included in their time together were performances of a men’s quartet and a women’s quartet who performed a variety of hymns. The whole class was then invited to sing the Messiah alma mater from 1949.

In attendance were the following individuals: Bob Brubaker 51, Alfred Davis 49, Ruth Heister Goddard 49, Ruth Miller Godfrey, Orville Heister54, Lois Hostetler McBeth49, George Meyer49, Mildred Miller, Almira Miller Myers, Beulah Oakes, Evangeline Hostetler Stern, Hubert Stern, Emma Jane Hertzler Thornton, Earl Wolgemuth

Class of 1984

Class of 1984

The Class of 1984 had 55 alumni in attendance at their 25th year reunion. At the reunion luncheon, they presented a check for $23,550 to President Kim S. Phipps, establishing the Class of 1984 Endowed Scholarship.

In attendance were the following individuals: Kimi (Jensen) Archer, Lyle Blacketter, Faye (Bowers) Airey, Doug Bradnick, Sharon Brake, Janice (Linder) Brubaker, Dale Brubaker, Greg Clippinger, Linda (Shank) Compton, Charles Dean, Alleene (Jeffreys) Dean, Christie (Hartman) Dennis, Kirk Eberly, Lisa Gardner, Susan (Kreider) Getty, Melissa (Rorabaugh) Heise, Mike Holland, John Kreider, Susan (Leeds) Kreider, Jeff Leer, Michael Leiter, Sandra (Stryker) Lew, Mona Mauro, Rick Myers, Jodi Noble, Patricia (Belles) Oppel, Brian Pare, Marci ((Meekins) Pare, Rob Patterson, Daryl Fazakas Patterson, Linda (Hennig) Phillips, Sandra (Norman) Pine, David Pine, George Reynolds, Ken Riley, Daniel Rodgers, Andrew Samuel, Rick Schaeffer, JoAnn (Nahm Schaeffer), Randy Snyder, Stephen Spangler, Carolynn (Fricke) Teach, Todd Wacome, Les Weiand, Loretta (Mylin) Wendling, Frederic Wendling, Ruth-Anne Wideman



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