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Spring Edition
Volume 97, Number 4

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Yvonne Martin
A touchstone for difficult times

One evening while watching television, Mitch Albom was surprised to see his favorite college professor being interviewed by Ted Koppel on “Nightline.” Albom had always planned to stay in contact with Morrie Schwartz, but time had passed quickly as he pursued career opportunities. Now 16 years had passed since graduation, and Albom was alarmed to learn that Schwartz had been diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s disease.

Albom’s book Tuesdays with Morrie; A Young Man, an Old Man, and Life's Greatest Lesson recounts the initial reunion between the author and his beloved professor as well as their subsequent Tuesday meetings. It is an inspiring account to me in my role as a teacher, revealing how a professor and student can connect and share life experiences, frustrations, joys, and heartaches. The book is a powerful reminder of what everyone needs—a listening ear and empathy.

As my family and I walk alongside of my Dad in his last days of dealing with Hodgkin’s disease, I find that I think of Albom’s book often.

—Yvonne Martin is an assistant professor of business administration.

Yvonne Martin earned her M.B.A. from Penn State University in 1979 and began teaching at Messiah College two years later. She has been privileged to know her students personally—as more than just names on her class roster—and consequently learning about their joys, frustrations, and concerns firsthand.

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