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Spring Edition
Volume 98, Number 4

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Books stacked in front of a couch
Color photography by Donovan Roberts Witmer ’97.
All other photos by the Office of Publications.

Off the Shelf Classics

The bookshelves of Messiah College's educators reveal an eclectic array of recommended music, books, and films

Imagine yourself in a room lined with bookshelves filled with diverse literature, music, and movies-from classics like Victor Hugo's Les Misérables and Edgar Allen Poe's Complete Stories and Poems to more contemporary selections like Bob Dylan's Modern Times CD and the cinematic tour de force Hyènes. You lean in, studying each title, examining each selection, perhaps pulling a few from the shelves and perusing the contents. You begin to muse about the person who compiled this collection through the years: What does he enjoy? What is her vocation? What does this individual value?

A bookshelf is more than just a convenient piece of furniture: it provides a glimpse into peoples' hearts and minds. The literature, films, and music CDs recommended on the following pages are drawn from the collective bookshelf of Messiah College. These perennial favorites of Messiah faculty-whether pillars of the literary canon or emerging masterpieces-are meant to be pulled off the shelf and savored.

This summer, expand your mind with a classic. Try a new genre-a poetry collection, a foreign film, a choral CD. Dust off an old treasure. Let your reading, viewing, and listening experiences indulge your heart and mind.

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