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Spring Edition
Volume 98, Number 4

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Planting the seeds of Creation care . . . in your own backyard!
Readers respond to our Creation care survey with some conservation tips of their own

In the last issue of The Bridge Online, we polled our readers to find out their views on specific environmental conservation efforts and how they might be reducing their own environmental footprint. Here is a sampling of the responses we received.

Two randomly selected entrants — Wayne R. Gilchrest '93 and Jeffrey Ellis, the parent of a current student — were chosen to receive copies of the books Saving God's Green Earth by Tri Robinson and For the Beauty of the Earth by Steven Bouma-Prediger, respectively.


How do you feel about The Bridge's decision to publish a magazine that meets the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification requirements?

Of the 41 responses received during the contest, 41% said that they "strongly approved" of The Bridge's decision to publish an FSC certified publication. Additionally, 17% said that they "approve" of the decision, and 12% were neutral.


What other suggestions do you have for ways readers can help care for the environment?

Lauren Kras '08

Lauren Kras '08

"In order to care for the environment one must begin to understand the environment. There is no better way to understand Creation than to spend time in Creation. People need to get outside and see the beauty that exists. Seeing promotes understanding and understanding promotes care. You cannot take care of something if you don't know what it needs or how it works."


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