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Spring Edition
Volume 98, Number 4

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Planting the seeds of Creation care... in your own backyard!
Readers respond to our Creation care survey with some conservation tips of their own


Rosita House '80

Rosita (Bradley) House '80 (with daughter Khara House '08, right)

"Become involved in community beautification projects. One such project in my community is the Adopt-A-Block Program. I strongly suggest others to become involved in this program and scheduled clean-ups in their neighborhood. Involvement in a community gardening project is something else I would recommend."

Kara Dombrofski '93

Kara Dombrofski '93

"Try to purchase food within your own community, cutting down on the transportation costs and pollution created by the transporting. Also curb dependence on oil by riding a bicycle or driving a car with bio-diesel. I sold my car (a polluter) to the state over a year ago and have been commuting to work on a bicycle."

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