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Spring Edition
Volume 98, Number 4

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Planting the seeds of Creation care... in your own backyard!
Readers respond to our Creation care survey with some conservation tips of their own


Andrea (Kiliany) Thatcher '02

Andrea (Kiliany) Thatcher '02

"Buy products with as little waste packaging as possible and buy the family-sized packages even if it's for just one or two people in your household. You'll not only send less waste to landfills, but save money! Also, turn down extra napkins or paper products you don't need in the school or work cafeteria, or at fast food restaurants. Additionally, if your school or workplace uses styrofoam, see what you can do to show them the advantages of the more biodegradable paper alternatives. You could also take a reusable water bottle to work or school and put your drinks in it."

Matt Zieger '01

Matt Zieger '01

1. Volunteer your time and resources in support of organizations who care for the environment such as The Nature Conservancy, and other local conservancy and environmental stewardship organizations.

2. Buy locally grown produce and products without excess wasteful packaging.

3. Walk more.

4. Buy less stuff.

5. Turn your thermostat down in the winter and up in the summer, especially at night.

6. Choose smaller homes and apartments.

7. Be a role model to your children, and instill in them the need to care for creation.

8. Pray.

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