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Volume 99, Number 4

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Five readers receive copies of 2001 alum Jonathan Bean's award-winning children's book At Night

Over 170 individuals entered the random drawing

Janelle Glick '01

Janelle (Leatherman) Glick '01

Major: Nutrition and dietetics

Lancaster, Pennsylvania

A favorite book growing up was The Incredible Journey by Sheila Burnford. This story about two dogs and a cat overcoming danger to get home was exciting to me. I always enjoyed my dog and cat, so it was neat to imagine how my pets may have experienced something like the characters in this book.

Lynn Hahn

Lynn Hahn

Parent of Matthew Hahn '07

Culpeper, Virginia

One of my favorite books as a child was The Little House  by Virginia Lee Burton. I always enjoyed the illustrations depicting the changes of the seasons and changing world. It was also a favorite of my three children. When I was older l enjoyed reading The Little House series by Laura Ingalls Wilder. I read them with my daughters and as they grew older they read them for themselves. 

Kevin Koslowsky '00 and family

Kevin Koslowsky '00

Major: Bible and philosophy

Wilmington, Delaware

While there aren't any individual books that stand out from my childhood, there are two series that nourished my love of reading. As a young child I learned the stories of Scripture by listening to the Arch Books. But more than anything else, it was the Hardy Boys series that taught me not to judge a book by its cover as I initially hesitated to read them based on their dated bindings only to find a world of adventure, friendship, and even romance once I cracked them open.

Latonya (Burkholder) Esau '00

Latonya (Burkholder) Esau '00

Major: Music composition

Houston, Texas

One of my favorite pastimes as a child was being read to and my favorite books tended to be those that joined a captivating story with colorful or mood-creating illustrations; my parents' worn book collection (including The Sweet Pickles Collection / Frog and Toad ) proves that many were our 'favorite.'  I love Jonathan's style and am excited to add At Night   to my own collection.

Earl Crown

Earl Crown '95

Major: History

Hanover, Pennsylvania


As a child my favorite book was The Giving Tree because of how it helped me, even at a young age, appreciate the sacrifices my parents made for me and how it made me want to reciprocate that love outwards. My love for this book was reinforced during a chapel in my senior year at Messiah. The speaker, Fr. Brennan Manning, talked of how his childhood friend became a children's author. The friend happened to be Shel Silverstein, and Fr. Manning recited the entire story in chapel from memory. 




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