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Volume 99, Number 4

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The eyes of the nation

were on the candidates and Messiah College

photos by Matthew Tennison

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Lisa Sharon Harper of NY Faith and Justice

Senator Barack Obama

Lisa Sharon Harper, executive director of NY Faith and Justice, was one of several leaders of faith-based organizations from across the nation who posed probing questions to the presidential candidates.

Illinois Senator Barack Obama mingles with the crowd after CNN signed off the broadcast. When asked during the Forum if he believes that God intervenes in human history, Obama said, “You know, what I believe is that God intervenes, but that his plans are a little too mysterious for me to grasp. . . . If I am working to make sure that I am applying what I consider to be a core value of Christianity, but also a core value of all great religions — and that is that I am my brother’s keeper and I am my sister’s keeper— then I will be doing my part to move his agenda forward. I don’t know what [God’s] master plan is. And I don’t presume to know. And I think that none of us know. But what we do — what I think we can do — is to act in ways that are consummate with the values that we cherish. And sometimes that’s harder to do in politics than it should be. But I think that’s what’s demanded of us.”

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