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Volume 99, Number 4

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The eyes of the nation

were on the candidates and Messiah College

photos by Matthew Tennison

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Mary Warner, religion writer for The Patriot News

Senator Hillary Clinton

Members of the local media joined with journalists from The New York  Times, The Washington Post, the Christian Broadcasting Network, and others to cover the groundbreaking event at Messiah College. Shown here is Mary Warner, religion writer for the Harrisburg Patriot-News.

New York Senator Hillary Clinton greeted attendees before the Forum officially began. During the program, moderator Jon Meacham asked the age-old question, “Why do you think it is that a loving God allows innocent people to suffer?” Clinton — who went on to win the democratic primary in Pennsylvania on April 22 — responded, “In the face of suffering, there is no doubt in my mind that God calls us to respond. . . . And it’s a personal call; it’s a family, community, religious call; and it’s a governmental call. And we’ve got to do more to respond to that call.”

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