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Adam Stuckert descends from the canopy

Adam Stuckert '09

Major: environmental science

"Our research trip to Panama taught me that I want to do research in the tropics.  The sheer biodiversity of the tropics is astounding.  Within a short distance, one can find almost every type of environment and climate that exists. . . . This makes it such an open field for choosing almost anything to study. . . . The tropics contain fascinating animals like dart frogs, motmots, and jaguars - so many that it is difficult to choose just one individual topic of study.  Our Panama research trip really introduced me to the wonders of tropical research, something I would like to continue doing for years to come."

Nicole Trimmer '09

Major: environmental science

"The research was a lot of work and I enjoyed it.  I also learned that relationships—with God, neighbors, friends, and family—are the most important entities in this life. My relationship with God grew closer as I journaled and prayed constantly. We befriended the Panamanian neighbors, with whom we shared wonderful discussions. . . . As a team, we experienced many triumphant moments after climbing difficult trees or overcoming daunting problems. Around the dinner table we talked and laughed . . . we became close to one another, like family. Since leaving Panama, I've realized that the relationships we formed with one another made the trip entirely worthwhile."

Nicole Trimmer peeks out from the tree tops

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