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Producing a pure vision (continued)

Megan Hobbes photographs in the upper lobby

The rooms quickly became filled with people. It was hard to navigate
even in the spacious upper lobby, here, where Megan Hobbes displayed
her photographs.


The glitter and glare of opening night

Opening night is so much fun. Students have worked hard to choose food, flowers, and signs. Secure in the knowledge that we won’t have to worry about our show until we un-install it on May 3, everyone dresses up and relaxes. People trickle into the building even before 7, when the reception is supposed to start.  Within 20 minutes, the building is packed, upstairs and down.  Finding any one particular person in the crowd poses a challenge, but working your way through the crowd turns into many great conversations. 

Faculty and fellow students come, as do families, out-of-town friends, and art department alumni.  My family actually came to see senior show in lieu of graduation.  My grandmother and aunt came from Indiana, and my best-friend-since-we-were-twelve and her mom came, too. Great is an over-used word, but seeing their reactions to the object I’ve spent so many months completing was really great.  And seeing how much fun my fellow art majors had heightened the great of the evening.

Afterwards, the senior art majors group together for trips to the diner or dessert.  We need to de-compress, chill out, celebrate, relax, and pretend like we don’t have any homework left. We need to recover from the blur of hard work, gain our feet again, and rest


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