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Spring Edition
Volume 99, Number 4

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You said it!

Readers of The Bridge chime in on their favorite things about Messiah College's magazine

Love the stories about alumni and what they are up to.

—Samuel Barnes ' 94

Camp Hill, Pennsylvania

The quality of the articles have been great. Thank you for covering such a broad range of topics.

—Vince Caperelli '93

My husband, Aaron White (1996), is an Army chaplain, currently serving in Afghanistan. While I realize that Messiah's roots are in a pacifist tradition, it might be interesting to look into alumni who are serving in the military and how their Christian faith impacts their service to their country.

—Cheryl White '94

Hello - I read the article "Keepsakes" about the student exhibits with great interest because I'm an alumnus who works at a museum. ...I enjoy reading The Bridge

—Tim Grove '89

It is a magazine I look forward to receiving and reading. It is both attractive and informative.

—Alice G. Hostetter Zercher '44

Great work!

—Sarah Mackin '04

Really enjoyed the lists of 10 things in this issue. It was different and fun.

—Laurie Edwards

I enjoy The Bridge with all the creative material and exciting news about the College.

—Nancy J. Hoke 'JC 1950

It's great to have The Bridge to keep people informed of the various news from Messiah. We look forward to receiving our copy!

—Mindy Stauder

Fine publication, bright, informative and current.

—Sharon Thornhill

I love getting a copy of The Bridge Online!  It's excellent!  the photos are awesome (seems like we're there with you)!  I'm enjoying it!  I also enjoy my paper copy because I bring it to work & share it with my co-workers who have kids getting ready for college.  I absolutely LOVED attending Messiah College & encourage everyone to seriously consider going to Messiah College as well.  My son graduates next year & we're sending the prayers up that (somehow) God can provide for us financially, so he can attend Messiah College.

God Bless, 

—Sharon (Kennedy) Haas '81

The Winter 2008 issue was excellent! I enjoyed the articles and found a lot of "meat" —good thoughts to "chew on." The tips on parenting are wonderful! I want to share them with many others. I always recommend Messiah College to parents of teens, and your current magazine only reinforces my opinion. Our two children are both Messiah graduates, and they are not only well-educated, but they strive to live their faith.

Praise God!

 —Nancy Knight

I really appreciate the ability of The Bridge to preserve my connection to the college and appreciate everyone who makes it possible. Thank you!

—Joshua Sieweke '99

We often visit Lancaster Central Market but never knew the story behind Rafiki's Deli until we read it in The Bridge. How terrific!!

—Julie Murphy

Your Parenting 101 feature was excellent! A great resource for parents of all ages. I have made copies and emailed to several friends. Just one more reason I am proud to be a Messiah Grad.

—Janet Gundlah Hodges '84

I enjoy browsing through it and seeing people I know. And it's good to keep abreast of what's happening at the College.

—Janice Knapp '73

Thanks for helping me to stay in touch after so many years. Your children's book article fits my delights: reading to our 3 children, many foster children, and now 11 grandchildren. I collect signed copies of children's books.

—Audrey Brubaker '64

I really enjoyed the parenting advice section in the winter issue and think that this would be a great addition going forward

—Rebecca Lewandowski '02

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