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Spring Edition
Volume 100, Number 4

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Reflections on Service

We asked this year’s Barnabas Award winners two questions about what they do:

  • Why do you serve in the area(s) that you do? What do you hope to achieve by it, for others and for yourself?
  • What would you say to others to encourage them to serve in their communities?

Their answers provide incredible insight into what it means to be a servant.

"A few years ago I had the opportunity to bring together my love for teaching (associate professor of accounting at Messiah College, 23 years) along with my experience as a practicing Certified Public Accountant and Certified Fraud Examiner (Partner in Hamilton & Musser, P.C., 19 years) in order to provide fraud training and analysis for World Vision and Hope International throughout the world (Ghana and Senegal, 2005; Ukraine, 2006 and Ukraine and the Philippines, 2008).

I have always admired builders, medical personnel, teachers, engineers, and others for their ability to serve in meaningful ways in short–term mission opportunities. I never thought that my gifts and skills could be used in this way. However, I have come to believe that God created a specific path for my career and that, as part of his plan, he wants me to use my unique set of gifts and skills by providing fraud training to worthy organizations in underserved parts of the world.  

The opportunity to serve Hope International and World Vision through Fraud Training, and doing so with Messiah College students and alumni, has been the highlight of my career. God has used me to help these organizations as they serve those in developing countries and has allowed me to be put outside my comfort zone in the process. I have learned so much about his love for all those in this world and also so much about his love for me. These have been some of the most exciting and challenging experiences in my life and I am very grateful for them.  

For others who are considering opportunities to serve, I say, go for it. See how God can use your unique gifts and skills to serve in ways you never dreamed. See how God can use these experiences to teach you more about his love and how big this world is outside of Grantham. See how no matter how much you give, you will receive more in return."

— James Krimmel

James Krimmel

Jessanna Hall '09

"It is my firm belief that a life following Jesus is one spent loving and serving others, in whatever capacity or manner that might be. God states in his word that pure and undefiled religion is to visit orphans and widows in their distress (James 1:27), and it is for that very reason that I strive to follow God's heart in this way.  We are stewards for a time here on earth of God's time and God's resources, and my aim is to be found a worthy steward when all is said and done.  My hope through serving is that the Gospel would go out and go far, with strength and fervor, to bring others to know God.  Any service to others is simply an attempt to pour out that which with God has blessed me, with the great hope that his presence be made known.

Don't let a day pass without stopping to ask the Lord what he has planned for you in that day.  When we position ourselves to be used as sacred and able vessels for his kingdom, there is no doubt that God will present us with opportunities to serve and love others.  Everything we have is a gift from God, and when we truly view life in that way, there is nothing else to do but to try to give back to the Lord by lavishing love on his beloved children."

— Jessanna Hall


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