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Spring Edition
Volume 100, Number 4

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The Bridge Online announces contest winner 

Kristin and Andrew Orr

Kristen (Yost) Orr, a December 2006 Christian ministries grad, was selected at random from last issue's survey respondents to receive a free copy of  The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work, by John M. Gottman  and Nan Silver. She writes:

"I attended Messiah College for my freshman and sophomore year as Kristen Yost. My junior year, I got married to Andrew Orr and graduated in December 2006. I received my Christian ministries degree. My current hometown is Waldorf, Maryland, south of Washington, D.C. I am currently a stay-at-home mom with my two beautiful children. David is 4 years old and Mary is 4 mos old.

'A cord of three strands is not quickly broken'  (Ecclesiastes 4:12, NIV)— this verse is engraved on the inside of our wedding bands. It signifies our relationship with Christ and commitment to one another. These two things are for us what makes a strong marriage. Our commitment to one another is similar to a story about a duck who searches its whole life looking for its mate. And once the duck finds its mate, they mate for life. That is how Andrew and I view our marriage, and Jesus (our third strand) makes it possible each and every day."

We conducted a survey amongst our readers asking this question:

What have you found to be most helpful in maintaining a strong, happy marriage?

From our 120 respondents we received a wide range of answers which, among others, included communication, commitment, forgiveness, humility, and laughter. Read a sampling of their great insight below:

"Commitment. Even if it means living on opposite ends of the house until the issues can be worked out. Hearing testimonies from people that have been through the wringer and applying their lessons learned to your life before problems start."    

—Wayne Grodkiewicz '86

"Commitment —choosing up front to make it work and taking divorce out of the equation."

Andrew Eby '92

 "In general, there is no escape clause. We work through issues and keep loving each other actively no matter what the circumstances."

Kevin Simme, parent

 "I'm not married yet, but I will be in a few months! Communication is what keeps our relationship strong and happy. It's a lot of work to be open and honest with each other all the time but it's worth it to be able to trust and love someone that much."   

Stephanie Stevens ’06

 "Talking openly and daily with God and each other."

—Kathleen Winger Stuebing ’63  

"Not making too big a stink of things and learning to 'let go' of my strong opinions and wait... something better will always come along!" 

—Sarah E. George ’99

 "Willingness to try to put yourself in the other person's shoes, regardless of how you're feeling."

—Joshua Shannon ’08

"Strong relationship with the Lord and a good sense of humor."

—-Linda Miller ’75

Kevin Koslowsky and family

"A recognition that I am the biggest problem in my marriage and a willingness to admit my mistakes."

—Kevin Koslowsky ’00 and  Laura (Ingalls) Koslowsky '01 with children David and Leah

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