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Summer Edition
Volume 97, Number 1

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Words of wisdom from the panelists

Kandy Ferree '91Kandy Ferree
“We as Christians sometimes experience this whole idea that there is this calling, this needle in the haystack that you have to find, and if you miss it, that somehow you’ll have missed what God had for you. I think that one of the things that’s really been important to me is that, you are exactly where you’re supposed to be, wherever that is. Sometimes that’s a hard place, but I think coming to and being satisfied with a job or a career is more about being satisfied with myself and who I am.”

Melinda (Fisher) Nowak '76
Melinda Nowak
“Messiah helped me realize that Christianity is not just a compartment somewhere. It is who I am. It is how I live, and so even though I don’t always consciously think about it, it has become who I am.”

Brian Thomas '87
Brian Thomas
“Sometimes you’ll have career sacrifices that you’ll have to make, but you’re sending a message of who you are as a person, who you are as a Christian, how that informs the way you approach a problem, how far you’re willing to push something.”

Elizabeth Imboden '90

Elizabeth Imboden“I don’t think you should ever not do something because you’re afraid you’re not going to be able to balance it or manage everything.”

Peter Greer '97

Peter Greer“It is a great realization to understand that God has given all of us gifts, every single one of us, he has given us gifts. To be able to use those gifts in a way that brings glory and honor to him, there is deep, deep fulfillment in that.”

Stephen Lias '88

stephen lias“You don’t have to make yourself fit a mold. You should realize that the unique person you’re becoming as you work through this degree is exactly what you’re supposed to be becoming, and you’re going to get to a place [of vocation] where you’re going to fit perfectly.”

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