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Summer Edition
Volume 97, Number 1

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You said it!
reading The BridgeOur readers respond

Overall feedback
“It's great to see that The Bridge is online, and I'm enjoying reading some of the articles. I'm on a ship in Antarctica, but we have an Internet connection, so even though I've been away for six weeks, I can still keep in touch.”

"Keep this coming! It is an excellent publication and reflects well on the College."

Will I still receive a print copy of The Bridge?

Even though we have an online version, we are continuing to send the printed magazine to all alumni. A notification that each new edition of The Bridge Online is available is e-mailed to all alumni.

Where is the Table of Contents?
One reader asked about including a table of contents: "It would be nice if there were a list of articles so that I could just read The Bridge as if it were in my hands."

We actually do not include all of the content from The Bridge magazine online. The online version is intended to be a "complement" to the printed magazine, as well as a portal to other information on Messiah's website. For example, The Bridge features are online along with some other stories, mostly ones that lend themselves to what we call "Web exclusives" content: links to other related pages on our website, expanded editorial content such as related essays, or additional photos, etc.

The number and scope of these articles will change from edition to edition. Class notes, sports, news, and some other articles are not part of the online magazine because more timely information related to these topics is available elsewhere on Messiah's website.

An idea for an interesting follow-up profile
"I ran across the Fall 1996 issue of The Bridge and saw an article titled 'Married 200 Years,' which describes a reunion of sorts involving eight alumni couples, each of whom had been married 25 years. The article mentions that they intend to repeat the event in five years, although I don't remember a follow-up article. If a follow-up event is planned for 2006, I think another article might be of interest."

We appreciate receiving your story ideas for The Bridge magazine. Some of our best story leads come from alumni, parents, students, and friends of the College. In addition, we welcome your nominations of alumni who are serving, leading, and reconciling in church and society. While we can't guarantee that each suggested story will appear in an issue of The Bridge, we give readers' ideas serious consideration while we are developing content for The Bridge.
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