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members of the concert choir
In May, the Messiah College Concert Choir toured Austria and the Czech Republic, performing four formal concerts and several impromptu performances.
Messiah College Concert Choir takes their performance on the road in Europe

In May, the Messiah College Concert Choir, directed by Linda Tedford, embarked on a 10-day tour of Austria and the Czech Republic. The choir performed four formal concerts in Vienna; Salzburg, Austria; Prague; and Brno, Czech Republic, and gave several impromptu performances at sites they were visiting.

All musical pieces were performed a cappella by the 43-member student choir. On two occasions, Messiah musicians collaborated cross-culturally with resident musicians—in Prague with a church choir and in Brno with a university choir.

Concert Choir president Katie Hess ’06 reflects on the significance of this trip: “The Concert Choir trip was definitely full of experiences I will remember for a lifetime.  I got to see so much of the history of not only Austria, but of Viennese classical music.  Seeing all of the buildings and where famous musicians performed and worked was one thing, but getting to perform in some of these venues was even more incredible.  Being able to walk into a cathedral or chapel and sing with our group was unforgettable, but our most unforgettable moment was definitely singing in Melk Abbey.  We had just toured the Abbey and they allowed us to sing in the chapel there.  Of course it was beautifully ornate and every detail just took your breath away, but it was truly moving to sing in such a place.  When we sang ‘Holy, Holy, Holy’ we could feel God's holiness and majesty in such a new and strong way.  We sang several songs, and by the time we were done and looked out into the pews, a fairly large crowd had gathered.  As we walked from towards the pews it was clear that we were not the only ones who had been touched by our music.  It was pretty spectacular and it's the moment that will certainly stick with me forever.”

Two alumni singers and four parents traveled with the group, along with Eunice Hager, performing arts coordinator; Brandie Stonge, assistant performing arts coordinator; and Lorna Sawatsky, wife of the late college president Rodney Sawatsky.

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