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Jeff Moshier, Dean of the School of Health and Natural Sciences
“We are not just looking to make scientists and health professionals who can have nice lifestyles and be successful. But we want graduates to use their skills to know God and make Him known.”
—Jeffrey Moshier, dean of the School of Health and Natural Sciences

The School of Health and Natural Sciences:

Faculty mentoring is the School’s heart and strength

From his first meetings with professors in the School of Health and Natural Sciences, Evans found them receptive, encouraging, and available. “I don’t know if I would have stuck it out without their support,” he says.

The mentoring Evans experienced from his first contact with the School lies at the very foundation of Messiah’s mission. “We hire faculty who have a passion for God, for students, and for their disciplines,” explains Jeffrey Moshier, dean of the School of Health and Natural Sciences.

The talent and dedication of the faculty combined with the School’s commitment to an education that’s both real-world relevant and faith affirming for Christians is what sets Messiah’s program apart, says Moshier. As part of a growing movement to reform science education, “Messiah’s emphasis is on actually doing science and teaching students to think like scientists. When you put all those elements together, then you have a one-of-a-kind science and health program,” he says.

Offering this distinctive blend of features in a broad range of disciplines, the school comprises five academic departments—biological sciences, chemistry and biochemistry, health and human performance, nutrition and dietetics, and nursing. Within these departments, a wide variety of majors and concentrations prepares students for vocations in research, industry, K–12 and college-level teaching, environmental studies, sport and exercise science, nursing, and other related fields. In addition, the school offers pre-professional health programs for medicine, the allied health professions, and physical therapy.

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