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Claire Fleeger '06
“I believe God can use whatever career path you take. Anywhere you go can become your mission field.”
—Chemistry major Claire Fleeger ’06

Students discover a sense of calling

Working side by side as scientists in a liberal arts setting, students and faculty encounter science, faith, real-world situations, and cultural issues. And they discuss how these facets of life interrelate within their vocations. “We are not just looking to make scientists and health professionals who can have nice lifestyles and be successful. But we want graduates to use their skills to know God and make Him known,” says Moshier.

Serving the poorest of the poor, senior chemistry major Claire Fleeger ’06 volunteered with Messiah engineering students to design water filters for a community in South Africa. Fleeger, who plans to pursue a Ph.D. in analytic chemistry and eventually work in industry, says, “In industry, I may not be helping people in the same way as giving a community clean water. But I believe God can use whatever career path you take. Anywhere you go can become your mission field.”

Evans has also participated in Messiah’s service opportunities, providing companionship to people with disabilities and working in a city healthcare clinic. After medical school at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, Evans expects to work in a primary-care setting and hopes to be “very involved in filling the care gaps in our healthcare system.” Both his biochemistry and music degrees—which he completed in May 2006—will have outlets, he says, as he expects to play piano accompaniment for his future wife, Amanda Heim ’06, who will pursue a master’s degree in saxophone performance.

In the meantime, Evans plans to spend a fifth year at Messiah to complete credits for a second major, biochemistry, even though he already has the science courses he needs for medical school.

“I’ve found what I was looking for and am excited enough to see it through to the end,” he says, agreeing that his enthusiasm for science has come a long way since high school. “In the long run, the thing that made the difference for me at Messiah was the confidence that what I’m doing is really worthwhile.”

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