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Volume 99, Number 1

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Our readers respond

We appreciate all of the e-mails and letters readers send us in response to each issue of The Bridge. Your feedback, story ideas, and suggestions help us to further Messiah College's mission and tailor the magazine to your interests. Send your feedback to

Overall feedback

"The Spring 2007 issue of The Bridge is outstanding—although not superior to other issues. The publication is excellent—varied and meaningful content, attractive, presents Messiah College as
an desirable place to pursue one's studies. Through The Bridge, we can see that God is doing wonderful things at Messiah."

"I read the latest Bridge from Messiah and was impressed to read about the work of Professor Debra Heath-Thornton. I am happy to read about the program put together by Debra with a theme
of restorative justice. I hope Messiah students are enthusiastic about the required courses for the major. I am glad that the principles and theories of criminal justice are integrated with biblical social justice. We need a restorative justice focus in our country."

Editor's note: The article on Debra Heath-Thornton's work with the criminal justice program at Messiah College appeared in the Spring 2007 issue of The Bridge on page 5.

Reading The Bridge

Response to
"Off the Shelf Classics"

The editor of University of California - Santa Barbara's alumni magazine Coastlines wrote, "'Off the Shelf Classics' is terrific—best design I've seen of any magazine feature. Marvelous combination of text, photography, and design."

"I enjoyed the sections of faculty interest in classic literature. Nicely done. However, I was disappointed that no one in the Bible/Religion faculty was featured. There are many classic works in that discipline."

Reader suggestions

"After reading Kent Hill's remarks online, I propose you write something on Messiah graduates involved in international development, religious freedom, and global peace and security fields. This could point out that people are working on all levels—in the field, overseeing projects from the U.S. and working on the macro-level advocating national policies. I think it would be interesting for new graduates to see what Messiah graduates do to make the world a better place. It could empower students and recent graduates to take the plunge into humanitarian work and even politics."

Editor's note: Check out the "20 Ways Messiah College Is Changing the World"  feature to read about a recent graduates who are involved in international development and global peace fields.

"I'd like to send a suggestion that you allow individuals to unsubscribe from receiving paper copies of The Bridge, now that it is available online. This would be an environmentally-friendly move that would also reduce your costs for printing and mailing."

Editor's note: The Bridge Online is composed of web-exclusive or expanded content with only the features and a few select articles reprinted from the printed version. (Class notes, news articles, the president's letter, and other departments in the magazine are not included online). At this point, we send the printed magazine to everyone because The Bridge Online is designed to complement and build upon the content in the printed version and not to replace it.

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