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Volume 99, Number 1

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Lynda Bauer

Production Coordinator/Assistant to the Director of Publications

21 years of service

You may have heard it said, “When some people retire, it's hard to tell the difference.”  However, when Lynda Bauer departs after 21 years at Messiah College this summer, the difference will be quite evident. Whether in her first position as a baker's assistant or in the many other roles in which she later served the College, including receptionist for the Academic Office; administrative assistant for the Degree Path Program; and production coordinator and assistant to the director in the Office of Publications, Bauer always did much more than simply fulfill her job requirements. Colleagues and students who have had the privilege of working with Bauer will tell you that “people” have always been as important to Bauer as any of the tasks she has handled so capably.


Lynda Bauer
Gene Chase

Gene B. Chase

Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science

34 years of service

Gene Chase is a valuable asset to the College community in many ways. He is an excellent teacher, in both mathematics and computer science, and has won the teacher of the year award. Since initiating the computer science major at Messiah, Chase has contributed to its excellence. Students have benefited from his innovative teaching styles and techniques. Chase always asks the question, “How can I teach this information in a more effective way?”

His accomplishments at Messiah extend far beyond the classroom. Chase has been a friend, academic and spiritual advisor to numerous students in all majors.  He has invited many to his home, teaches a Sunday School class for them at his church, and continues the friendship as they become alumni.




Stephen G. Cobb

Professor of Sociology

18 years of service

Steve Cobb, or “Doc” to his students, is retiring after completing 18 years of service to Messiah College. While at Messiah, Cobb has been integral to the development of the sociology and anthropology major at Messiah. Sociology majors, as well as those taking general education classes such as Native American Cultures, all report that Cobb is an outstanding teacher. This judgment was affirmed in May 2004 when he received the Outstanding Teacher Award at Commencement. In addition to his work in the classroom, Cobb has maintained an active research agenda, particularly on topics related to Native American issues and Caribbean studies, and regularly participates in meetings of the Caribbean Studies Association. As Cobb completes his role as a full time faculty member he looks forward to traveling with his wife Barb and visiting his children and grandchildren.


"Doc" Stephen Cobb
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