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J. Barry DeRoos

Associate Professor of Computer Science; Chair, Department of Mathematical Sciences

24 years of service

J. Barry DeRoos came to Messiah College in 1983, a graduate of Calvin College with a Ph.D. in chemistry from Wayne State University. He is a computer scientist from the era when all computer scientists were self-taught. (Rumor has it that his first project with computers was to build an Atari from scratch.) As department chair for 10 years, DeRoos has been a true servant-leader, supporting the faculty, emphasizing quality teaching and most recently advocating for a strong physics program in response to a national need. DeRoos is well-known for his genuine concern for students and colleagues, as well as for his punctual department meetings.



Barry DeRoos

Kay Dunwoody

Kay Dunwoody

Assistant, College Honors Program; Department of Communication and Department of Politics

10 years of service

During her decade-long tenure at Messiah College, Kay Dunwoody demonstrated extraordinary organizational skills and flexibility while working for three different departments and administrative supervisors. Especially appreciated was Dunwoody’s eagerness to take initiative in a wide range of responsibilities, whether it be developing a new and helpful database, communicating with a student, or in many other ways.  The careful and excellent quality of her work greatly enhanced the effectiveness of the departments in which she worked. Of special note was Dunwoody’s significant contribution to the programmatic and administrative development of the College Honors Program. Dunwoody’s supervisors have also greatly appreciated her warm personality, Christian spirit, and collegiality.  



Kenneth L. Eshleman

Associate Professor of Politics

17 years of service

Since his first year at Messiah College in 1991, Ken Eshleman has brought a reliably Anabaptist conscience to the study of government at Messiah. Inside and outside of the classroom, Eshleman has been a voice for progressive politics and the peaceful resolution of international conflict. During his seventeen years of service, Eshleman has offered at least eleven different politics courses on topics as diverse as African Politics, the American Presidency, and the religion clauses of the Constitution. Among his colleagues and students, Eshleman is recognized for the exacting preparation of his lectures and his encyclopedic grasp of American politics (as well as an encyclopedic grasp of his beloved Cleveland Indians). He has been an integral part of the establishment of the discipline of politics at Messiah.     


Ken Eshelman
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