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Volume 99, Number 1

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Glen Raser

Senior Advisor, Institutional Finance

27 years of service

Since his hire in 1979, Glen Raser has provided financial leadership to the College during a time when its operating budget grew by a factor of ten, and its endowment increased from $4 million to an all-time high of $125 million. In addition to distinguishing himself as the historian of all things financial at Messiah College—rarely forgetting an event or account number—Raser played a large part in two successful general ledger software conversions and has been instrumental in improving Messiah’s financial situation. He loves Old Testament wisdom literature, his wife and children, a good noon-time walk around campus, and large servings of high-quality ice cream.




Glen Raser



Joseph Sheldon

Joseph K. Sheldon

Professor of Biology and Environmental Science

15 years of service

Joe Sheldon came to Messiah College as professor of environmental science in 1992 with the goal of beginning a program in environmental science. Sheldon’s arrival represented a significant milestone in the biology and environmental science programs at Messiah College, and his appointment as distinguished professor, (2002-2007) attests to his success in those endeavors. Well-loved by students and colleagues for his outgoing personality and passionate defense of God’s creation, Sheldon will be greatly missed. We look forward to continued connections with Sheldon as we send students and faculty to the Pacific Rim campus of Au Sable Institute, where he will continue to teach. His legacy will live on through the lives of his students and through the positive changes that he espoused for the Department of Biological Sciences during his sojourn here.



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