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From the Archives

Spring 2008 Bridge

Alumni residence life group photograph

Thanks to help from our readers, we have identified 7 of the 10 alumni pictured here.  In the front row, left to right: Steve Montgomery '94, Peter Lee '95, and Shawn Lepper '94. Bracing themselves against the walls, top to bottom: John Noonan '95, an unidentified alumnus, and Shawn Mumma '94.  In the back row, left to right: Evan Gehman '95, an unidentified alumnus, Jonathan Hartzel '93, and an unidentified alumnus.  

This photo was printed in the spring '08 Bridge magazine with a request for help in identifying those students in the picture. Reader response was amazing. Not only did we find out who many of these students from first floor Miller in 1992-93 are, but you shared a few stories about these guys as well. Here is what we learned. . .

This is a picture of the Community Floor on the 1st floor of Miller in 1992-1993.  I was a freshman living in the basement at the time.  I know two names are Steve Montgomery and Evan Gehman. 
—Kendric Bert  '96

I went through junior high and high school in the same church youth group as Pete.  He was in my older brother's class. 

—Paul Dandrade '98

I didn't know Steve when he was a student here; I met him a few years ago working for a campus ministry organization. I believe that he did in fact fly airplanes and climb mountains. I'm not sure about being a plumber, and if I had to guess, I would say that he was certainly a prankster. I haven't spoken to him recently so, I'm not sure what he is up to now.

— Jay Bennett '05

I knew Steve Montgomery the best, as he was my cheerleading partner for a year.  He and Sean were good friends and always up for some good clean fun which included many pranks. Of course, I would never divulge any of their secrets. I am fairly certain that they participated in the annual boxer run. . . not sure if that is still a tradition at Messiah these days.  Usually occurred during the first semester finals week when it was very cold!

Steve was an avid hunter and a country boy at heart.  Last I heard, he had married his Messiah sweetheart and moved south to work with Christian youth.

— Debra Suleiman '92

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