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Winter Edition
Volume 98, Number 3

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FSC certification standards include protecting rivers and streams from soil erosion during forestry operations.

Seeing the forest for more than the trees

The Bridge reflects Messiah College's commitment to stewardship

We are committed to publishing an environmentally and socially responsible magazine while also practicing sound financial stewardship for the College. We publish an online magazine, which provides readers with maximum content while allowing us to produce a cost-effective number of pages in the printed magazine. Additionally, we minimize the environmental impact of publishing The Bridge magazine by using:

• Digital images Film-making and processing chemicals eliminated from publication process

• Aqueous varnish

     on the cover

No solvents required for cleanup; paper  can later be recycled and repulped

• Vegetable oil-

     based links


• Metal staple  


Environmentally unsafe adhesive binding avoided

• Efficient paper

     and magazine   


Paper waste minimalized; paper use made more cost-efficient

• Digital proofing/

     file delivery

Paper waste reduced

Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Fast Facts

• The FSC was founded in 1993 by 130 individuals with equal representation from environmental, social, and economic sectors (Most other forest

     certifications do not have balanced representation and are often disproportionately influenced especially by the forest industry.)

• It is a global non-profit organization, funded by accreditation and membership fees, governments, environmental organizations, and private


• It is governed by an international board with equal representation from all three sectors (environmental, social, and economic).

• Over 84 million hectares (207,564,000 acres) in more than 82 countries have been FSC certified.

For additional reading, visit:

U.S. and global paper production and consumption facts


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