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Volume 99, Number 3

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Godspell girls backstage
Emily Williams '10

The girls of Godspell celebrate the success of their final performance.

16 February, 2008: Day 29

Tonight my family visits to see the performance. I'm especially anxious to hear my dad's reaction to the show; in high school he was cast as "Jesus" in Godspell. After explaining to him our concept for the musical, he seems skeptical. Definitely curious, slightly apprehensive. Other cast and crew members have similar stories of 'breaking the news.' Seems like many in our parents' generation feel connected to Godspell as a generational trademark, like we do with contemporary versions of Rent, Hairspray, and, hey, why not, High School Musical. So we tread lightly when describing our version's modifications.

I pay close attention to my dad's response. I laugh harder (relieved, really) when he finds the numbers entertaining. I feel moved – a feeling I thought had worn off, considering the total number of times I've seen the show – when he does. Even my younger brother and fiancé , who usually don't attend musicals of their own volition, react positively, with enthusiasm. Watching the performance with them feels refreshing, like seeing with new eyes.

After the show, Dad says, "That was a blessing. That was the best performance of Godspell I've ever seen."

When he asks for a DVD of the performance (which, alas, does not exist), that seals the deal.  Success. 


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