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Volume 99, Number 3

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Cast members rehearse off-stage
Anne-Marie Robinson '08

Cast members (left to right) Kayla Mini ' 11, Melissa Paolangeli '09, Gabriella Saramago '10, and Jenna Schmalhofer '09 rehearse off-stage for the song "Day by Day"

18 January, 2008: Day 3

Today: “Bless the Lord” and “Day by Day” shape up solidly.  Not stage-ready, but dress rehearsal–ready. We have a mere half-an-hour to review each song from now on, so we’re pressed for progress. The “Day by Day” girls especially grew in creativity; Melissa, Gabi, Jenna, and Kayla think quickly and generate choreography sequences that work well with the vocals. I depend on them for ideas. After a few alterations in the movements, we feel content with the piece’s direction. The song has a Gladys Knight and The Pips vibe to it, so we’re enjoying the back-up singer groove. If only we had sparkly gowns, heels, and standing microphones a la Dreamgirls to work with. Instead, we must evoke the vibe ourselves. April – our “party girl,” to put it politely – will join in with her own character-appropriate moves once she has a railing to work with. She’s positioned on the platform steps, but, as the set is still mid-construction, she can only mark her parts.

“Bless the Lord” is hilarious. The guys’ interpretations of the snorkler and '50s jive are especially...innovative. Somehow I need to incorporate Stephanie shoving Brandon into the action. For tomorrow, I guess. Otherwise, Trish, Trisha, Rena, and I have fun watching – makes us want to jump up and dance along. 

This afternoon we begin choreography for “All for the Best.” I work primarily with Rich and Bryant on their solos and duet.  We’re going old-school style with this one. More like vaudeville style. Still, impressive and almost too complex for simultaneous singing and dancing. Somehow the guys manage it. Kudos to them. I’m exhausted after the mere dancing of it. Per Elaine, our music director, we’re including a 32-count interlude to help Rich and Bryant breathe. In the meantime, I’ll choreograph some Charlie Chaplin-esque sequences for the ensemble. The ending looks pretty impressive, if I do say so myself.  The kind of performance that gives you chills and compels you to join in the creative energies of the human race. Epic.

Female vocalists perform the song

Elena Yamamoto '09

On stage, the "Day by Day" girls showcase their perfected choreography.


Emily and Cara, our featured dancers, rehearse tomorrow. You know those iPod commercials in which random people dance against green screens? That’s how I want them to look. Like that Pepsi commercial a few years ago in which everyone broke out into dance-madness in the street. Or like the movie version of Fame, where they ransack the lunch room with big-band energies.  Moderately unsynchronized. Spontaneous. Whimsical. 

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