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Actors Richard Chagnon '10, Jenna Schmalhofer '09 and Jonathan Landis '08 Elena Yamamoto '09

Cast members (left to right) Richard Chagnon '10, Jenna Schmalhofer '09, and Jonathan Landis '08 imagine Biblical parables through playful acting.

28 January, 2008: Day 10

After Saturday’s M.F.P.E. (Most Frustrating Practice Ever. Every production schedule needs one) in which we accomplished basically nothing and everyone aggravated everyone else, we bounce back today.

This morning, in order to redeem our Saturday experience, I count through “We Beseech Thee" before rehearsal. Hopefully, we'll maximize practice time because of it. We run the song slowly, sans piano, with counts only. That alone makes a world of difference. Now everyone’s actually dancing in unison. Next, we orchestrate Bryant’s and Matt’s progressions; they alternate solos in this song, so we move them strategically around stage. For this piece, it’s important to use all set levels, so the two guys sprint from bench to steel grate, to train car, to platform.

After several run-throughs of “We Beseech Thee,”  the cast was breathing easier and actually smiling while dancing, so we decided to end on that note.  We reviewed the other dance numbers – “Bless the Lord,” “Day by Day,”  “All for the Best," and “Light of the World” — and then called it a day. 

You know, practices always end positively when we review all the dances.  Maybe it gives us all a sense of accomplishment, seeing all we’ve completed.  I’m certainly proud of us. 

This afternoon, Emily, Cara and I will finish “By My Side,” and tonight we’ll run it all on stage!  Here we go!


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