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Volume 100, Number 3

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The dust gets in your blood (continued)

January 16 (Day 8)

Late last night we arrived at Ho Farms for our village component of the trip. Although the lodge is pretty primitive, I already love the beautiful rural surroundings. Our motel-style accommodations surround a courtyard with exotic trees and colorful flowers at the gate. Tied up outside the gate is a donkey (whom we named Jeffery), greeting us with welcoming sounds at various hours of the day and night, harmonizing with the cries of roosters and bleating of goats in the distance. So even though there are rusted motorcycles in the girls’ bathroom and no shower curtains, I am very content in this beautiful place. I’ll admit that scarring memories of Girl Scout camp popped into my head upon arrival last night, but after a night’s sleep I feel alive and ready to explore village life.

(Later that night)

A few hours ago we heard extremely loud brass music coming from the church next door and a

Dancing with kids in Ghana

Paul Cohen '09

We enjoyed dancing with several of the children from the church next door to where we stayed in Ho, Ghana.

few of us wandered over to see a group of kids playing various instruments. At first they were shy at having guests watch them play, but they loosened up as we began taking pictures and became fast friends when they were able to see themselves on the cameras. I started dancing with a little girl, and our circle grew to about ten kids all flinging their arms around and mimicking my crazy movements. Dancing the night away with those kids was probably one of the most memorable experiences so far.

January 21 (Day 13)

I feel an overwhelming amount of peace this very moment. I’m sitting in our courtyard, content with some time alone, watching as the winds rustle the exotic trees and the sky turns a pale rusty shade of red. Above me, what I think is Mars begins to show its brightness and in the distance I can hear the intricate rhythm of drums. Of course, drowning that out is a slightly out of tune rendition of "Twinkle, twinkle, little star" from the kids at the church. But I try to block that out and focus on the peace, love, and contentment I feel. Mild waves of homesickness come and go, but overall I feel so very alive.

Dust, unfamiliar smells, and all, I am continuing to fall in love with Ghana. It most certainly is not a perfect love, but it is real, raw, and full of passion.It surprises me, makes me at times uncomfortable, and forces me to abandon my controlling tendencies in terms of my ideals. But in turn I receive immeasurable growth, beauty, and the indescribable mystery of love.


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