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Spring Edition
Volume 96, Number 4

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You said it!
The Bridge readerOur readers respond

Overall feedback
“Congrats and applause for this edition of The Bridge online. I especially enjoyed reading the prayers for Dr. Phipps as given by David [Vader] and Evie [Telfer].”

“The new web version of The Bridge is great! You’ve got a format that really is easy to use and read.”

Response to a WVMM article

In the last issue of The Bridge, we published a story about the 15th anniversary of WVMM, Messiah College’s radio station. One reader who had been involved with the station as a first-year student wrote to tell us that WVMM’s history actually dates back further than 15 years.

“According to the yearbook for 1970, WVMM was a new organization in that year. I worked with the station from 1977-1979 when it was in the basement of Miller Dorm. During those years, we played all kinds of music: secular pop and rock, classical and only a small bit was contemporary Christian. 'Jesus Music,' as it was called back then, was just a fledgling genre with somewhat poor production quality (although it did improve during those years) and few albums.”

Another reader helped clarify the discrepancy in the station’s date of origin by adding that the station did indeed exist prior to 1989 but the 15th anniversary noted in the article was that of it becoming licensed by the FCC as an FM station. We also learned from this same reader that at one point the station was housed in the “attic” of Murray Library.

Where are the alumni spotlights?
One reader asked how to find alumni spotlights on the online version of The Bridge.

At the present time this section of the printed magazine is not available through the online version. The online magazine complements the printed magazine and other Messiah publications by linking to related information on Messiah College’s website and by publishing content unique to The Bridge (such as features) or content not readily available through other sources.

For example, the alumni portal, alumni e-newsletter, and the printed
Alumni Report provide a wealth of information specifically for alumni. The Bridge online provides a link to the alumni portal (under related links) which we hope makes it convenient for our alumni to navigate to the portal where they can post their own information and find out what’s new with others.

How to talk about tough topics
In response to the feature entitled "How to talk about tough topics," readers told us that they enjoyed the article, for the most part, and appreciated that we tackled the issue. One reader thought that working through tough topics by following the suggested tips in the article would not be embraced by a world that focuses on getting things done more quickly.

Another wondered why Bible verses were not used to support the “very good article."

Although not every response or idea was directly tied to scripture there were a number of scriptures referenced in the article. (Luke 6:32, Colossians 4:6, Romans 12, and Matthew 18).

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